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A Day in the Life

Native American dolls

A Native American Child in California

 California Standard 3.2 Students describe the American Indian nations in their local region long ago and in the recent past.  

From an early age, Native American children began learning important skills. Boys learned how to track animals and to hunt and fish. Girls learned which plants were good to eat, how to weave baskets, and to make flour from acorns. Both boys and girls enjoyed stories, singing, and music on special days.


Case Study
Hunting and Gathering

What was it like to be a Sioux boy? The Sioux Native Americans traveled across the Great Plains following herds of buffalo.


Chumash Food

If you were a Chumash Indian, you would eat a lot of acorns. What kind of grains would you eat every day? How are they prepared?

Clean Your Room

Are you supposed to keep your room clean at home? If you were a Miwok Indian living long ago, your home would have a roof of bark and mud.


Learn more about the life of Native Americans by playing these games. You can also view Native American toys of many different tribes. Just click on a tribe to see a slide show of toys.