Unit 1: Communities and Geography

Communities are where people live, work, and play. People in a community work many different kinds of jobs. People help each other in communities.

There are three different kinds of communities-urban (city), suburban, (houses and stores are farther apart than a city), and rural (farms and open land surround these areas). Geography-the study of the Earth and the way people and animals live on it-helps us understand our community. It affects how people live, travel, and work. People adapt to the geography wherever they live.

Natural resources come from the environment and we use them every day. There are renewable, or replaceable, and nonrenewable resources. Oil is a nonrenewable resource.

We need to protect our natural resources by protecting our environment. People, plants, and animals need clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. If we don't protect our environment, there may not be enough natural resources. One way to save our environment is to recycle-or reuse-things like paper, glass, plastics, and aluminum cans.