Unit: 5 How Government Works

The Constitution gives Americans many freedoms. One of these freedoms is the right to choose our government leaders. Our government makes laws that help us all get along. Many people make up the United States government. The leader of our government is called the President. The President helps make sure everyone follows the laws in our country. Congress is a large group of people who make our country's laws. The Supreme Court is made up of judges who make sure that our laws are fair and follow the Constitution. The President, Congress, and the Supreme Court all work in the country's capital, Washington, D.C.

Our states and communities also have governments made up of leaders, lawmakers, and judges. The leader of a state government is called a governor. In a community, the government leader is called a mayor. All governments are important because they make sure that citizens are treated fairly. In the past, our citizens have had to fight to be treated fairly. Many important leaders, like Susan B. Anthony and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., have helped to make sure that the laws are fair and that all people share the freedoms in the Constitution.