Unit 1: We Live Together

Families are the special people that we care about the most. All families are different but they all love and take care of each other. We have rules in our families and in our communities. The rules help us get along and stay safe. In a community, the rules are called laws. Citizens in a community can make choices about their laws when they place a vote. Voting helps keep laws fair.

When people live in a community, they live, work, learn and have fun together. Some communities, like cities, are very large. We call these communities urban. Urban communities are filled with many buildings and people. Many people work in urban communities, but do not live there. Instead, they might live in a suburban community. Suburban communities are near cities but are less crowded. People might also live far away from the city in a rural community. Rural communities have lots of open land.

Communities and families have special ways of doing things called customs. Customs celebrate our culture and the things that make us different. We can all work together in our families and communities to make them a better place.