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Heating/ air conditioning technician

Air conditioning helps people survive the steamy days of summer. In northern climates people depend on heating systems during cold winters. What happens when these systems break down? The problems are solved by heatingand- air-conditioning technicians. They install, maintain, and repair heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation systems. To work in this profession, people would need a high-school education as well as training and apprenticeships, in which they learn, while working alongside experienced workers. In most areas certification and licensing are required in order to work with refrigerant gases and heating-and-air-conditioning units.

Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers
Heating and air-conditioning systems control the temperature, humidity, and the total air quality in residential, commercial, industrial, and other buildings. Click on the link above and search for “Heating and Cooling” to find more information about a career in this field.

Cool Training for Hot Careers
Do you enjoy working with your hands? Do you have a good “mechanical sense”? If so, you could do well as a heating and air conditioning technician. Click on the link above and choose “Heating and Air Conditioning” in the Find a Career Course drop down menu.

Heating and Air Conditioning Technician
What do they do? What kind of education and training is needed? Where do they work? Click on the link above and search for “HVAC technician” to read all about it.

Kaskaskia College Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Program
Students will study the physical, mechanical, and chemical principles of refrigeration and air conditioning with emphasis on electrical controls and motors. To find more information about the program, click on the link above and enter “Heating” in the search field.

Physics teacher

When you see a roller coaster complete a loop, do you think about the forces that keep the machine on the track? If you like physics, would you enjoy sharing your interest with the next generation? If so, a career as a physics teacher might be for you. Physics teachers use their knowledge and creativity to lead discussions, perform scientific demonstrations, and even do research with their students. Most states require a college degree in physics and science education as well as state teaching certification. Advanced degrees are needed to teach at the college or university level.

A Career in High School Physics Teaching?
This site urges you to think about it. Learn about the rewards of physics teaching and what it takes to become a physics teacher.

Middle and Secondary School Teachers
What do they do? What education do they need? What do they earn? You'll find the answers here.

Why Teach Physics?
Physics teachers agree that they derive both a sense of achievement and pleasure from opening up new horizons to young minds. Click on the link to see information on the Physics Teacher Education Coalition.

Physics in Careers
What do athletes, auto mechanics, and physics teachers have in common? They are all careers in physics! Learn more at this page from the American Institute of Physics.