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Do you enjoy mixtures that make a tasty salad or chemical reactions that produce fluffy pancakes? Do you delight in butter’s phase change to a creamy liquid oozing over golden kernels of corn? If so, you may be a candidate for a career as a chef. Chefs plan and prepare meals in schools, in restaurants, on cruise ships, and even in the White House. Many cooks prepare for their careers by completing high-school vocational courses or learning on the job. Chefs tend to have more training, such as cooking-school programs or apprenticeships.

Chefs, Cooks, and Food Preparation Workers
This site looks at the training and other qualifications necessary for becoming a chef. While it is not necessary to have an advanced degree in the beginning of being a Chef, if you would like to continue your career, you should have an advanced degree.

Chef and Cooking Careers, Jobs, and Employment Information
There are many ways someone can become a chef and this site explains how to become one.

Cook and Chef Job Description
Cooks and chefs are the mainstay of the food service industry. They work in restaurants, cafeterias, lunchrooms, hotels, and other places that prepare and serve food.

Science Illustrator

If you are interested in science and enjoy working with art and design, you might consider a career as a science illustrator. People in this field design illustrations of items such as molecules, animals, plants, landforms, and planetary systems. Their illustrations are used in science books, magazines, and other publications. Science illustrators need drawing skills and a knowledge of computer-design programs, which are often used to prepare illustrations. In addition, illustrators need a strong background in science. Many science illustrators obtain a bachelor’s degree in art or design as well as specialized training in science. Others begin with a degree in science and then pursue further study in art to develop their skills.

Sketching out a Career in Science Illustrator
Meet Dino Pulerà. He is a biomedical illustrator who loves working in the science field. Read about his choices made in regards to his eventual career.

Ocean explorer/Explorations
Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci was a scientific illustrator? Read about some of the work he did and where the career of scientific illustrator is heading.

What is scientific illustration?
Scientific illustration is a specialized niche within the illustration field. It calls for an artist to accurately render specific information about a subject.