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Tree technician

If you enjoy caring for plants and love climbing trees, you may want to consider a career as a tree-care technician. Tree-care technicians help keep trees in neighborhoods, parks, and forests healthy. This requires a great deal of physical activity and the ability to handle heavy equipment. Duties may include climbing trees to reach work areas, inspecting trees for disease or pest problems, and operating shredding and chipping machines. Tree-care technicians help with storm recovery by removing trees that have fallen on roads, houses, or electrical wires. Tree-care technicians often receive on-thejob training. However, education in forestry, biology, and pest management is helpful.

Tree Foundation of Kern
What does a tree technician do? For starters, no two days are ever the same. Visit this site to discover how interesting this career can be.

Landscape Architect
Landscape architects design outdoor areas. They work with architects, engineers, and scientists to decide where to place trees, flowers, shrubs, walkways, and other landscape features. Find out how at this site.

Tree Surgeon
A tree surgeon is like a doctor for trees. What does it take to diagnose a tree's symptoms and treat its disease? Find out here.

Wildlife biologist/conservation

As human populations grow and make more demands on Earth's land and resources, a need emerges for people who care about protecting wildlife. Earth's environment depends on stable ecosystems. However, as more animal habitats are altered or destroyed to meet human needs, more species of wildlife are becoming endangered or even extinct. Wildlife biologists work to protect endangered species, such as these orangutans, and their habitats. The biologists generally have college degrees with a background in biology, ecology, and math. They are also familiar with the social, economic, and political factors that affect wildlife management. In addition, wildlife biologists need good communication skills to interact with members of the public who visit forests and other natural areas.

A Tale of Two Wardens
Take a peek at a day in the life of two Wisconsin wardens, a Conservation Warden and an Environmental Warden.

Conservation Ecologist
Read an interview with a scientist to learn about this career.

Life as a Wildlife Biologist
Wildlife biologists spend lots of time outdoors. If you like observing nature and improving wildlife habitats, this career might be for you!.