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Emergency Medical Technician

The phone rings, and emergency medical technicians are dispatched to the scene. These men and women never know what they may encounter—a car accident, the birth of a baby, or a child injured from a fall. However, they do know that people’s lives depend on their quick and competent reactions. At the scene, emergency medical technicians assess the situation and then provide emergency care until the patient is transported to the hospital. What does it take to join this elite group? Requirements vary from state to state, but a high-school diploma, formal training, and certification, as well as a strong desire to help others, are all necessary.

Emergency Medical Technician
Do you like a fast-paced job? Than perhaps becoming an emergency medical technician (EMT) is the right job for you.

Starting your EMS Career
Is emergency medical services for you? Read this site and decide for yourself.

Emergency Medical Technician
Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are emergency responders trained to provide immediate care for sick or injured people and transport them to medical facilities.


There is no time like the present to work in the field of genetics. Research in genetics has led to exciting discoveries in medicine, agriculture, and environmental science. The information that geneticists find gives people with genetic disorders hope for the future. Genetic advances in agriculture introduce new ways to provide food for increasing world populations. There are many specialized branches of genetics, but most people in the field are involved in research. To be on the forefront of discovery, you could begin by earning a bachelor’s degree in genetics. Advanced degrees are often required to specialize in the field. Rapid developments in genetics make continuing education part of the job.

With constant new developments and discoveries, this exciting field can be rewarding. But it is also demanding.

A Day in the Life of a Geneticist
Geneticists are the leaders of the last frontier of biology. They are involved in unlocking the last few secrets of life.

Career: Geneticist
A day in the life of a geneticist.