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Video-Production Assistant

Are you creative, hardworking, and detail oriented? If so, you might enjoy working as a video-production assistant. People in this profession work on teams that produce films on various topics for television or the Internet. A day in the life of a video-production assistant might include working with computers, following a script, or operating video equipment such as cameras, microphones, and lights. To start out you would need experience in video, photographic, and audio recording as well as enthusiasm for the media industry.

Assistant Camera Operator Video Production
This site describes what skills are necessary to become an assistant camera operator.

Stories behind the Lens
Meet Jessica Kalin. She started her career in college with a bachelor's degree in Film and Video Production. Read about the challenges she faced trying pursue her career.

Video Production Assistant
This site describes the function of job, responsibilities, and the minimum acceptable qualifications for the job of a video production assistant.

Aerospace Engineer

Do you ever look at the night sky and think about the vehicles that soar into outer space? As an aerospace engineer, you could make flights into space possible by helping build highspeed spacecraft. You could also make travel closer to Earth faster and safer by improving aircraft design. Whether you were interested in designing spacecraft, missiles, helicopters, or military jets, it would all begin with at least a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. This is one career where the sky is not the limit.

This site lumps together all aspects of engineer careers including the nature of the work, job outlook, and related occupations.

Career: Aerospace Engineer
A day in the life of an Aerospace Engineer.

Aerospace Engineer Job Description
Aerospace engineers design, develop, and test aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles and oversee their production.