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People around the world depend on farmers for food. To be successful at farming, you should enjoy working outdoors for long hours. In addition, farmers need to know about genetics, animal science, soil, weather, chemistry, crop science, and business. Some farmers obtain this knowledge from other farmers in their families, through courses at school, or through youth organizations. Today many aspiring farmers pursue a college degree in agricultural science. Farmers also closely follow changing technology to take advantage of new equipment and techniques for raising plants and animals.

Farmers provide us with the basic necessities of life. Find out what farming is like, how to prepare for it, how much it pays, and what the future may hold.

Farmers and Farm Managers
American farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers direct the activities of one of the world's largest and most productive agricultural sectors.

Agricultural Career Crossword
Here's a crossword puzzle you can print out and complete to identify some careers in agriculture. Once you're done with the puzzle, choose one of the careers to research.


Do you “dig” the past? Then you should explore a career in archaeology. Archaeology is the study of the material remains of human activities. Archaeologists locate and study fossils and artifacts from the past. Working as an archaeologist can take you to faraway places to solve ancient mysteries, or it can keep you close to home identifying and protecting local historic sites. If you would like to build a career unearthing the past, you can begin with a bachelor's degree and perhaps go on to receive advanced degrees in archaeology. The world has many sites left to explore.

Ask Dr. Dig
Are you interested in becoming an archaeologist? Dr. Dig answers your questions.

FAQ About a Career in Archaeology
This site contains frequently asked questions about a career in archaeology, including jobs available, volunteer options, and general introductory books on archaeology.

Archaeology for Kids
Many archeologists became interested in their career as kids. Get started by looking through this National Park Service site.