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Think about a garden or park that you enjoy visiting. What comes to mind? Chances are you will think about plants, such as trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers. The beauty of gardens and parks depends on the work of gardeners. These are people who plant seeds and graft, or join, two plants together, and then take care of the plants that grow. Do you like to work outdoors? Do you have a “green thumb?” If both your answers are “yes,” then you might like a career as a gardener. As a high school graduate, you can get a job as a gardener. Among the rewards of being a gardener is the enjoyment of the beauty you help to create.

Landscape Architect
Website by Bureau of Labor Statistics offering: brief overview of job, education needed, salaries, and job prospects.

Careers in Horticulture
If you think careers in horticulture are limited to planting and taking care of flowers and trees, think again. This site will tell you about the many careers available in horticulture.

Grounds Maintenance Workers
Attractively designed, healthy, and well-maintained lawns, gardens, and grounds create a positive first impression, establish a peaceful mood, and increase property values.

Plant Ecologist

Do you have a strong love of nature, especially plants? If so, then you might want to become a plant ecologist. Ecology is the study of the relationships between living things and their environments, and plant ecologists study the ecology of plants. Their concerns include natural resources, the protection of endangered species, and conservation issues. In California's Central Valley, for example, plant ecologists are concerned with a type of wetland ecosystem known as vernal pools, in which many animals and plants are endangered. A bachelor of science degree is needed for a beginner in this field, after which you might do graduate work.

Ecologists & Environmental Scientists
Are you curious about ecologists and environmental scientists? Find answers in this informative website run by the state of Virginia's Department of Education, featuring: overview, education needed, salaries, and job prospects.

Rosie and Riff Talk to a Wetland Ecologist
Read an interview with Dr. Lief Sigren, a wetland ecologist. This Web site is sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Don't forget to click around and explore the other pages for games and activities.

Botanists study the biology of all types of plants to increase scientific knowledge and apply this knowledge in areas such as conservation and management of natural resources, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, medicine and biotechnology.