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Health Care Technician

Doctors give patients checkups and medical treatment, but they do not work alone. They need the help of health care technicians. If you like working with people, then you might like this career. You would train while working in a doctor’s office, clinic, hospital, or nursing home. You might schedule appointments and monitor the flow of patients. You might take X rays of patients’ muscles and bones and then develop the films. You might take blood samples for tests or treatment. You might collect lab specimens and perform tests. As you gained experience, you would take on more and more responsibility. Both doctors and their patients would depend on you doing a good job.

Health Care Technology
A brief description of duties perscribed to a Health Care Technician. Also includes roles for the position and other career paths.

Prison Health Care Technician
This site describes what it would be like to work in the prison system as a Health Care technician. It includes a general description, training and experience, and special requirements that might be needed.

Medical Training
This site explains the education necessary and other options in regards to Health Care Technician.


If you are a “plant person” then you may have thought about making plants your life’s work. A college degree in botany, the scientific study of plants, can lead to a variety of career paths. Botanists may work in laboratories or out in the field. Some botanists specialize in identifying and classifying plants. Others research plant diseases or work on the uses of plants in foods, medicines, building materials, and fibers. Some botanists work in museums or botanical gardens and some teach at universities. Horticulture, which includes ornamental plants, is another special field of botany. Which field do you think you might choose?

Careers in Botany
This site includes several links on the commonly answered questions when it comes to Botany as a career.

Career as a Botanist
Botanists usually specialize in one type or group of plants, or one approach to the study of plants.

BLM Career Cards
If you enjoy the outdoors, than becoming a Botanist is the career choice for you!