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Do you like making maps and charts? Do you have good math and computer skills? If so, then you might become a cartographer, or mapmaker. Whenever families go on road trips or truckers do their jobs on the highways, they depend on maps or a global positioning system (GPS). Other people who depend on maps or GPS include airplane pilots, ship captains, hikers—most anyone who is going anywhere. For starters, after high school, you’ll need a college degree in geography and cartography. After that, it’s on to further studies for a fascinating career.

This site introduces students to cartography and includes education, coursework, job description, and a brief job outlook.

Career Information for a Degree in Cartography
Geography and Cartography degree programs are designed to teach people about the earth's surface.

Surveyors, cartographers, etc..
This site begins with the nature of this kind of work. It is followed by working conditions, training necessary, outlook, and salary.

Oil Rig Driller

Do you like working outdoors? Do you think you also would like to operate heavy machinery? Then you might have a career as an oil rig driller. Oil rigs are used to drill for petroleum and gas found deep in Earth—under the sea as well as the land. Oil rig drillers use power-driven derricks and other equipment to drill for oil and gas. To get started in this career after high school, you would work as a roustabout, or helper, with an oil or gas field service. You would train and advance on the job. In time, you could become a professional oil rig digger—a position with a high degree of responsibility and job satisfaction.

The Oil Drilling Industry Jobs Overview
This site begins with a brief description of different types of oil rigs. It is followed by locations of oil rigs, whether it be the shore or sea.

The oil and gas extraction segment produces the petroleum and natural gas that heat homes, fue cars, and power factories.

How Stuff Works: How Oil Drilling Works
A brief description of the job.