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Pharmacy Technician

Do you look forward to doing science activities? Do you also like working with people? If so, you might enjoy a career in health care. A pharmacy technician works with pharmacists, or people who fill prescriptions. This person may work in a pharmacy in a drugstore, grocery store, hospital, or nursing home. To qualify for this career, you would train on the job. You might take classes to earn a certificate. Then you could work with a pharmacist. You would help prepare medicines, counsel patients, and work with insurance companies. Best of all, you would help people to recover from illnesses.

Pharmacy Technicians
A description of the job, what it entails, employment, and working conditions.

Pharmacy Technicians
What does it take to be a Pharmacy Technician? Read all about the answer to this question plus anything else you would like to know.

Pharmacy Technician and Aide: Careers, Jobs, and Training Information
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Pharmaceutical Researcher

Have you ever wondered where your medicine comes from? Some medicines, like aspirin, were first made from plants! Today, most are made in laboratories by pharmaceutical researchers. If you are curious about how the body works and you want to make a difference, this career may be for you. To become a pharmaceutical researcher, you would study science in college. Then you would study medicine in graduate school.

Pharmaceutical Careers
The pharmaceutical sciences combine a broad range of scientific disciplines that are critical to the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies.

JYI Science Career Center
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Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing
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