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Do you love animals? If so, you might like to be a zoologist (zoh•OL•uh•jist). Zoologists are animal scientists. They study all kinds of animals. Some zoologists work in laboratories. Others study animals in their natural habitats. Still others work in museums or zoos. All zoologists have college degrees. Most have more than one degree. If this career sounds appealing, start exploring it! Ask your parent or guardian to take you to a local zoo, aquarium, or animal shelter. You might even meet a zoologist there.

Michael's Zoology Information Site: Careers in Zoology
Desciption of what students will need to know in order to become a Zoologist. Includes tips for education, how to find jobs, and the job specifics.

TAMU Career Center: Careers in Zoology
Zoologists research or study the selection, breeding, feeding, management, and marketing of livestock, pets, or other economically important animals.

North Dakota State University: College of Science and Mathematics
Many of the major challenges that confront humankind in the 21st century center around issues with which zoologists are trained to deal. In this page, you can read about the program relating to Zoology. Also, you can see a sample curriculum to prepare you for your college experience.

Bird Handler/Ornithologist

What do eagles, hawks, and owls have in common? They are all birds of prey. Birds of prey have good vision for catching prey. They also have very strong claws! People who care for these birds in wildlife centers are trained bird handlers. Some bird handlers show the animals to visitors. Others collect birds from the wild. To be a bird handler, you need training. You have to catch the birds without harming them. You need to feed them and keep them healthy. Bird handlers know how to be safe around these majestic birds!

Ornithology Careers
An ornithologist studies birds and in this page there is a description about the career, plus some commonly asked questions.

Natural Encounters Inc. Birds and Beyond
This site describes members of the Natural Encounters that handle birds on a daily basis.

Young Bird Detectives Hit the Trail
This web site points fourth to eighth graders on the path of bird watching.