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Planetarium Technician

Would you like to make star shows that are both educational and fun? Think about being a planetarium technician. A planetarium is a place where people can watch representations of the solar system. These are usually light shows that are projected onto the ceiling and narrated. As a planetarium technician, you would operate the audio and light equipment for the shows. You might work with teachers to help plan the programs. You would also get to see and hear the results of your work!

What is a Planetarium?
A planetarium is a place where the young generations visiting out theaters get inspired to dream and imagine what "could be" in their lifetimes when they reach the age we old ones are now.

The Long Beach City College Planetarium
This website shows images of a Planetarium along with blueprints and equipment required.

International Planetarium Society
International Planetarium Society (IPS) has several links for viewers to click on to learn about job opportunities, events, locations, and history.

Air Traffic Controller

People depend on air traffic controllers to keep them safe during air travel. Some air traffic controllers direct planes on the runways. Others direct traffic between airports. All controllers make sure that airplanes keep a safe distance apart. What does it take to become an air traffic controller? First, you need to be good at math. You should also have good speaking and computer skills. After college, you would train at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Academy. Most graduates of this program have a lifelong career with the FAA.

Air Traffic Controller
A description of the job, what it entails, employment, and working conditions.

Air Traffic Controllers
Air traffic controllers coordinate the movement of air traffic to make certain that planes stay a safe distance apart.

National Air Traffic Controllers Association
This site shows that there is representation for the air traffic controllers when it comes to their careers.