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Environmental Chemist

Do you like helping keep plants and animals healthy? Are you concerned with keeping the environment clean? If so, then you might like to be an environmental chemist. An environmental chemist is a kind of scientist. These scientists help keep the water, land, and air free of pollution. Pollution can hurt plants, animals, and people. Environmental chemists protect living things by helping clean up pollution. Environmental chemists also show people how to reduce pollution. To become an environmental chemist, you should begin learning about the environment where you live. Start a recycling program in your home or at school to reduce waste. You could also join a group that helps protect the environment.

Environmental Chemistry
The American Chemical Society provides a detailed description of what an environmental chemist does, including real-life chemists in action.

Environmental Chemist
This career profile explains what is necessary to begin a career as an environmental chemist.

Career Profile: Environmental Chemist
This web site interviews Frankie Wood-Black who is an Environmental Chemist.