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Animal Trainer

Do you like to be around animals? Do you have fun taking care of pets? Some people train animals as a career. Could you be one of those people? Animal trainers do many jobs. Some teach dogs to assist people who are blind. Some work with racehorses or animals in zoos and aquariums. Some even work with animals that perform in movies or television shows. To become an animal trainer, you need to be patient and calm. You need to be a good communicator. You need a strong understanding of animal psychology. Animal psychology is how animals "think" and behave. You also should be in good physical condition.

Dog Trainer
So you want to be a dog trainer? Dog training is a tremendously rewarding career.

Animal Care and Service Workers
The U.S. Department of Labor provides links and information on becoming an animal care provider.

Animal Trainers at Seaworld and Busch Gardens
Seaworld web site that provides information on how to become an animal trainer at Seaworld.