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Not all meteorologists work on TV. Some work as aviation meteorologists. They predict weather for airlines. Airline pilots need to know what weather will be like so people can travel safely. Other meteorologists gather data at weather stations in rain forests or at the North Pole and South Pole. The information they gather helps other scientists learn more about Earth's climate. To be a meteorologist, you need to study weather in college. You need good computer skills. You will also need to learn to use special weather tools and how to read radar scans and satellite photos.

Becoming a Meteorologist
Student-oriented web site describing what a meteorologist does.

Careers in Meteorology
Meteorologists work for the National Weather Service, preparing forcasts and warnings and making observations.

Career interview - Meteorologist
This web site interviews Helen Hewson who is a research scientist at the Meterological office in Bracknell, Berkshire.