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Do you love to make cookies? You could become a baker. A baker makes breads, cookies, cakes, and other food to sell. Some bakers have their own bakery. Others, work for big companies. You must understand the science of baking to be a baker. Bakers learn that when different foods are mixed, they can change.

What Do Chefs Do?
Website by the Culinary Institute of America that features overviews of various culinary careers.

Food Processing Occupations
Website by Bureau of Labor Statistics offering: brief overview of job, education needed, salaries, and job prospects.

Baker and Pastry Chef
Australian career website that offers a brief overview of the job, education needed, salaries, and job prospects.

Chef Career
If you like the satisfaction of a job well done, then a career as a Chef is for you! You have to be prepared for long days and nights and many hours on your feet. However listening to good comments about your food could be all worth it.