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1. Is there a number I can call to get technology support?
2. Where I can find the PowerPointŪ presentation that can be shown to the students before starting a new unit?
3. Can I get the teacher edition and the lesson planner online? How?
4. How do I access the online Teacher's Edition for Treasures?
5. I want to cut and paste a week's lesson with activities and standards. Is there a blank lesson template?
6. In Exam View, is there a place to find out what the objectives are?
7. To view the Teacher's Edition on the computer, do I have to have the Instructional Navigator CD-ROM or can I go somewhere on the website and log in?
8. Are the bookmarks online and available for printing in lesson plans?
9. Why doesn't the lesson plan CD-ROM work for multiple grades? I used the lesson plan CD-ROM for my first grade lesson plans, but when I put in the kindergarten or second grade CD-ROM only 1st grade will show up, even if I have the kindergarten or second grade CD-ROM is in.
10. If I install the network CD-ROM, do I have to have a CD-ROM in each workstation to get Buggles and Beezy to operate?
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